About us

Spearheading blockchain adoption

Blockchain has undoubtedly become an indispensable infrastructure welcomed by many institutions worldwide. Nonetheless, the level of knowledge required to utilize the technology, as well as the costs of its implementation, have remained high. Focusing on the mainstream adoption of blockchain, Bifrost aims to lower the point of entry by changing the fundamentals of how people approach Web3, making it akin to our familiar experiences with Web2. The suite of our products will be built and designed for companies and individuals alike as we continue to strive for innovation - blockchain should be for everyone.


Initially started in 2018 as a middleware project providing multichain capabilities to other networks, Bifrost has grown into an entire multichain ecosystem propelled by the Bifrost Network, a new mainnet launched in January 2023. Bifrost's multichain technology is now powering all cohabitants to thrive as the growth and expansion of the ecosystem continue. The Bifrost Foundation, the decentralized entity behind the movement, is fully committed to empowering users by offering a seamless multichain experience and ultimately providing the freedom to move across different networks effortlessly.

Beliefs and vision

Envisioning a decentralized future for all, Bifrost aims to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to everyone. We will not only focus on technological advancements but also strive to bring more institutions and individuals into the Web3 space so that more people can ultimately access and benefit from blockchain technology. We will dedicate ourselves to lifting the complexities involved while significantly enhancing the user experience of all our products and services.

About Bifrost

Bifrost is a decentralized entity operated solely by governance. No company or individual represents Bifrost, as each and every decision is and will be reached through governance. The ecosystem we are building and the vision we share thus rely on the community and the active participation of members. Essentially, our focus on decentralization is our promise to build a strong community capable of achieving new heights in providing ultimate accessibility to blockchain together.